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Bringing students together

Connecting with the University and with one another directly contributes to students’ well-being. This page gives an overview of initiatives that promote this.

Student Support Groups 

The Student Support Groups are for students who need social contact and want to discuss (study) goals with other students. Everyone is welcome to join these online support groups. Use this form to register.


Some faculties have buddy programmes for Dutch or international students. Students can also contact others through the central buddy service, for instance to find a study buddy or social contacts. They can register here.  

POPcorner and Meeting Point

POPcorner is for students who need a bit of help finding their way in their studies or student life. It’s where they can develop skills, meet other students, follow workshops and organise or attend student activities. There are POPcorners at the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences and the Faculty of Humanities. And in The Hague there is POPcorner The Hague.  

The Meeting Point helps refugee students, first-generation students, international students and students from the Dutch Caribbean and Suriname find their way at the faculties.  

Study and student associations

Associations are the ideal way for students to increase their social contacts. Alongside being fun, they offer a social network and often study-related activities too. Many students find associations to be an enriching and enjoyable addition to university life. A study association is a good way to combine socialising with activities within your own discipline. There are also student associations, where students from different degree programmes with different interests come together to socialise, exercise or do cultural activities.   

Well-being Wednesdays 

Well-being Wednesday is held twice a month. Students can participate in a free activity, varying from a workshop on procrastination to a walk or a trip ice skating. They can sign up for the newsletter to find out about these activities. 


The Uni-Life app gives an overview of student events and communities on the campus. It’s an easy way for students to build a network. To see what’s going on, all they need to do is download Uni-Life. Staff members can also sign up to see what’s going on. This will help them advise students. 

Chat with another student

On the Frisse Gedachtes platform (in Dutch) students can chat about mental health with trained students and lay experts. 

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