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International Women's Day. Gender, career and leadership: a conversation with Annetje Ottow and Hester Bijl

Tuesday 8 March 2022
offline/ in-person meeting in Leiden

International Women’s Day

On International Women’s Day we celebrate the achievements of women together with two members of the Executive Board, President Annetje Ottow and Rector Magnicifus Hester Bijl. What can we learn from the experiences of female colleagues who are the first to reach top positions within the university? What questions and dilemmas do you face in pursuing a career in universities today? During this meeting, staff members of all ranks are invited to meet, share personal experiences and strategies, and reflect on topics including leadership and career, the work-life balance, self-care and empowerment. An informal gathering, the meeting is aimed to foster connection and contribute to the forming of networks of solidarity and support within the university.  

The event will take place in English, with the possibility of small-group discussions in Dutch. 

Due to corona measures, the number of seats of this in-person is be limited, but more opportunities will be created in the future. You can register until March 1st.

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