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War in Ukraine: Faculty meeting

Wednesday 9 March 2022
Kamerlingh Onnes Gebouw
Steenschuur 25
2311 ES Leiden
Lorentzzaal (A.144)

On Wednesday 9 March at 5 p.m., the war in Ukraine will be discussed in a Faculty meeting in the Lorentz lecture hall (KOG, Room A 1.44). Niels Blokker will moderate the meeting. A wide variety of political and legal aspects will be covered. Very short introductions will be given by Veronika Yefremova, F.J.M. Feldbrugge, Jaap de Hoop Scheffer, Rick Lawson, Cecily Rose, Nico Schrijver and Carsten Stahn, followed by Q&A. Following the meeting, the Faculty Board will offer drinks.

This is a faculty meeting for employees and students of Leiden Law School. Bring your LU-Card to the meeting. This can be requested at the entrance to the Lorentzzaal (max 220). The meeting is in English.

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