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Small workshop

Plant Scientist for a day

Saturday 4 June 2022
Hortus botanicus
Rapenburg 73
2311 GJ Leiden
Notenveld of tuinkamer

Did you know that fungi and bacteria cooperate with plants?

In this way, everybody improves their way of living!

During the ‘Plant Scientist for a Day’ activity on on Saturday 4 June, you get the opportunity to do a real experiment! Together with researchers of the Institute of Biology Leiden (Universiteit Leiden), you can see which microbes work together with plants.

What will you do during this workshop?
-    Learn about the collaboration between fungi/bacteria and plants
-    Put on a labcoat and prepare your lab-book
-    Choose a plant and retract the fungi and bacteria
-    Spread the microbes on a plate, bring them home and see them grow*
-    Choose a little tree to bring home. After two months you can see nodes on the roots, full of helping bacteria!

Age: 8+
Time: 20 minutes
Entrance ticket: regular Hortus fee

*We will use only plants in which safe bacteria en fungi live. 

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