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'Butts off our campus' day at Wijnhaven

Thursday 15 September 2022
Turfmarkt 99
2511 DP The Hague

Although smoking has been banned at the University since August 2020, cigarette butts still litter our campus and the surrounding area. To raise awareness of this problem, we will be holding a ‘butts off our campus’ day on Thursday 15 September at Wijnhaven as part of our ‘Smoke-Free University’ campaign.

About ‘butts off our campus’

There will be a ‘butts off our campus’ day at the library and each faculty. The Peukenzee squad will be picking up cigarette filters by hand from on and around the University grounds to show how much effort it takes to keep the University butt-free. The Peukenzee squad will also tell passers-by how harmful cigarette filters are to the environment and give tips on how to prevent cigarette litter.

The ‘butts off our campus’ days will also be an easy way for smokers to find information about quitting smoking. Sinefuma will be present with an information stand and will be able to explain when you are most likely to successfully quit smoking and what exactly a cigarette contains. You will also be able to do a free breath test to see how addicted you are to smoking.

Quit smoking

For more information about quitting smoking, see ikstopnu.nl, rookvrijookjij.nl (in Dutch) or contact your GP. Since 2020, health insurers have no longer charged an excess for programmes that help you quit smoking.

Smoke-Free University

With its ‘Smoke-Free University’ campaign, the University wants to make people aware of how harmful cigarette filters are to the environment. On 30 May it placed containers by seven of its buildings that will be used to collect discarded cigarette butts. These will show how many cigarette butts the environment has been spared. At the end of the campaign, the contents of the containers will be donated to Peukenzee to help with research into recycling cigarette filters.

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