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Lecture | Part of Open Lecture Series

EUniWell Open Lecture Series: The role of science communication in the medical field

Friday 2 September 2022

In face of the impending pandemics, natural disasters, effects of climate change, and much more, there is a need for methods that close the gap between science and lay audiences. The lecture will focus on the emerging field of Science Communication and will showcase a variety of tools that today’s scientist and medical professionals can leverage to increase the impact of their work and contribute to the public good more efficiently.

More about the lecture and the speaker

About the 'Open Lecture Series'

EUniWell Open Lecture series leverages EUniWell's diverse community and provides regular opportunities for knowledge exchange across multiple disciplines allowing EUniWell academics, researchers, educators and students to initiate discussions and build professional networks. 

In addition to creating a multicultural and multidisciplinary meeting place for the EUniWell community, the Open Lecture Series aims to provide insights into the latest scientific developments in an accessible way. In promoting interdisciplinary and international cooperation in research and teaching, the EUniWell Open Lecture Series can help define common academic goals and European values.

General information

  • Speakers & topics: Recognised scholars, scientists and educators from EUniWell partner universities will present well-founded analyses of well-being issues and new findings related to one of the 4 key EUniWell Arenas.
  • Format: Lectures and presentations will take place live and/or in live streamed webinars with a Q&A session. See the programme descriptions for details.
  • Participation: All interested individuals are invited to attend the lectures. Admission is free.
EUniWell Open Lecture Series Imre Varjú 2 September 2022
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