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Lecture | MAIR Seminar

Chilean Transition to Democracy, from 1990 to 2022 Plebiscite: Recent Historical Analysis in Comparative Perspective

  • Dr Claudio Barrientos (Diego Portales University, Santiago, Chile)
Friday 14 October 2022
Cleveringaplaats 1
2311 BD Leiden

This lecture delivers a historical revision of the main characteristics of the last 32 years of Chilean recent history from the perspective of Human Rights and politics of memory. Dr Barrientos will analyse these issues from the perspectives of the main critics, contradictions and frustrations emerging from the 2019 events, and will try to explain the turn of the events that led to the rejection of the draft of the New Constitution in the last national plebiscite of 2022.

About the speaker

Claudio Javier Barrientos obtained his Ph.D. in History at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in the United States. He is Associate Professor in History of Latin America and Chile at the Diego Portales University in Santiago de Chile. His research interests and teaching expertise are in memory studies, gender, gay and LGBTQ studies, and indigenous history. Among his publications are: with Juan Carlos Garrido (2018) "Identidades en transición: Prensa, activismo y disidencia sexual en Chile, 1990-2010", Revista Psicoperspectivas (Scopus), Vol 17, N° 1. 15; “Memory Policies in Chile, 1973-2010”, in Emilio Crenzel y Eugenia Allier (editors) Struggles for Memory in Latin America: Recent History and Political Violence; Claudio Barrientos (ed.) (2015) Aproximaciones a la cuestión mapuche en Chile. Una mirada desde la historia y las ciencias sociales. RIL Editores.

Dr Barrientos is currently working on a project titled “Blooded Damnation: HIV/Aids, Dictatorship, political violence, gender and sexuality in Chile, 1984-2001”.

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