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ReCNTR hosts: Multimodal futures(?) - Roundtable with the participants of the International Multimodal Workshop

Thursday 6 October 2022
Pieter de la Court
Wassenaarseweg 52
2333 AK Leiden
Image credit: Still from YOON @CRIM films

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After a one and a half day workshop the final roundtable comes back to the initial question: “How do multiple forms of engagements with border and migration control regimes imagine and make a difference on the matters they critically engage with?”. With multimodal interventions, we refer to research engaging with creative audio-visual utterances, which span across the broader spectrum of media genres and formats including e.g. installations, documentary, film, podcasts, soundscapes, memes, graphic novels, mapping exercises, creative storytelling. Multimodal interventions may have the potential to make a difference in practice, including in the living conditions of migrants, as well as conceptual reflections on such collaborative initiatives. We reflect on a diversity of approaches with regards to the purposes and ambitions of interventions, but also with regards to their methodologies and formats. The roundtable will be kicked off with a couple of inspiring examples to help us envision the many possible and desirable multimodal futures that can inspire how we engage with matters of migration, borders & technology. Kick-off interventions will be given by Laura Forlano, Pedro Neto and Nina Amelung to inspire further discussion with all workshop participants and the wider audience. The workshop is co-organized by Ildikó Plajas, Pedro Neto and Nina Amelung. It is an STS-MIGTEC initiative hosted by ReCNTR, Leiden University. The workshop is made possible with the support of the EASST Fund, in collaboration with Instituto de Ciências Sociais (ICS), University of Lisbon.

The session is open to the public and can either be attened online or in person, registration required.

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