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Workshop Series

The Leiden Dialectology Workshop Series (5)

Wednesday 23 November 2022
On Campus: Digital Lab P.J. Veth 1.07

The Leiden Dialectology Workshop Series (5)

The Leiden Dialectology Workshop Series 
28 Sept., 19 Oct, 2 Nov., 9 Nov., 23 Nov.
Times: 10:00 - 12:00
Location: Digital Lab P.J. Veth 1.07  

Interested in dialects? Want to know how to analyse dialects? Want to learn how to create linguistic maps? Then this is the workshop for you! This semester, the Leiden Dialectology Workshop Series will give 5 workshops on different aspects of dialectology; you will learn how to read maps, extract dialect data as well as creating your own linguistic maps with hands on experience. 

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Organised by Matthew Sung
E-mail: h.w.m.sung@hum.leidenuniv.nl 

Workshop 5. Dialectometry – Introduction to Dialectometry (23rd November)

As dialectologists, we want to understand the relationship between different dialects in an area (dialect classification). By  looking at one feature, we can use isoglosses to delineate dialect boundaries on a map. However, when we look at more features, the boundary becomes blurry. It is not easy for humans to process a large amount of isoglosses on a map, nor processing the degree of dialect differences by inspecting a list of dialect data (e.g. the data extracted in Workshop 3). Processing a large amount of data is not a problem for dialectometry. Dialectometry is a branch of dialectology which calculates dialect distances using computational methods and visualizes their relationships using cluster analysis and multidimensional scaling, which are then projected on a map. You don’t have to know programming languages to do this, since these methods are already implemented on Gabmap, an online application for dialectometry. This workshop will first go through the ideas behind dialectometry, then we will all try out Gabmap and run a dialectometric analysis together.

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