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Book presentation ‘Cybersecurity, Privacy and Data Protection in EU Law’

Tuesday 16 May 2023
Turfmarkt 99
2511 DP The Hague

On Tuesday 16 May, Dr. Maria Grazia Porcedda, Trinity College Dublin, will talk about her book ‘Cybersecurity, Privacy and Data Protection in EU Law’.

Cover of the book 'Cybersecurity, Privacy and Data Protection in EU Law'

About the book

Is it possible to achieve cybersecurity while safeguarding the fundamental rights to privacy and data protection? Addressing this question is crucial for contemporary societies, where network and information technologies have taken centre stage in all areas of communal life. This timely book answers the question with a comprehensive approach that combines legal, policy and technological perspectives to capture the essence of the relationship between cybersecurity, privacy and data protection in EU law.

The book explores the values, interconnections and tensions inherent to cybersecurity, privacy and data protection within the EU constitutional architecture and its digital agendas. The work's novel analysis looks at the interplay between digital policies, instruments including the GDPR, NIS Directive, cybercrime legislation, e-evidence and cyber-diplomacy measures, and technology as a regulatory object and implementing tool. This original approach, which factors in the connections between engineering principles and the layered configuration of fundamental rights, outlines all possible combinations of the relationship between cybersecurity, privacy and data protection in EU law, from clash to complete reconciliation.

The book demonstrates that reconciliation between cybersecurity, privacy and data protection relies on explicit and brave political choices that require an active engagement with technology, so as to preserve human flourishing, autonomy and democracy.

Dr. Maria Grazia Porcedda

About the speaker

Dr Maria Grazia Porcedda is Assistant Professor of IT Law. Her research addresses the relationship between law and technology and in particular matters of privacy, data protection, cyber security and cybercrime. Maria Grazia regularly presents her work at international academic and multi-stakeholder conferences and has published contributions in leading European law and technology venues. Her monograph, 'Cybersecurity, Privacy and Data Protection in EU Law' is due to appear with Hart Publishing in 2022.

Maria Grazia's scholarship is policy-oriented, collaborative and interdisciplinary. She is the PI in the project 'Appraising the prevention and deterrence of cybercrime in Ireland through the law' (Provost PhD Projects Award) and of a number of other awards (TRISS Research Fellowship and AHSS Beneficiary Fund). She is also member of the PROTECT ITN Marie Skłodowska-Curie ITN network and an academic collaborator of ADAPT.

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