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Conference | Workshop

Negotiating Europeanness: Race, Class, and Culture in the Colonial World

Tuesday 27 June 2023
Johan Huizinga
Doelensteeg 16
2311 VL Leiden
Conference Room 2.60

This workshop aims to address the development of the concept and the practice of Europeanness overtime in European colonies worldwide. The focus lies on the way gradations of Europeanness were negotiated, adapted and/or modified by local actors across space and time. By bringing together scholars working on premodern and modern historians of empire and colonial interactions, we hope to stimulate a two edge discussion. On the one hand, discuss the premodern roots of modern processes of identity formation as ‘European’ in a colonial context. On the other hand, compare and contrast the way in which modern identification processes diverged from previous forms. The workshop aims to bring a better understanding of the role of local societies in shaping European colonial projects from within the colonies and show their continuities and discontinuities beyond usual historical periodisation. 

A full programme of the workshop is available here (in PDF)

This workshop is made possible by the MSCA-IF project GRADIENTS (funded by the European Union under grant agreement number N. 101032093).

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