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Roundtable on the Future of Yemeni Studies

Wednesday 7 June 2023
P.J. Veth
Nonnensteeg 1-3
2311 VJ Leiden
A photo of a landscape in Yemen with farmland and buildings.
Landscape in Yemen

About the Roundtable

Internal political issues, war, and an ongoing humanitarian crisis keep plaguing the region that used to be known as Arabia Felix, 'fortunate Arabia'. In light of these events, how has the study of Yemen developed over the past decade? An international group of academic experts on Yemen come together to discuss how their work continues to be possible and relevant despite closed borders and the difficulties the region is facing.

Related Events

This roundtable is one of a series of events on June 7⁠–⁠8, 2023 at Leiden University, including the following:

  • A pop-up exhibition showcasing some of the Yemeni manuscript held in the Leiden University Library with a presentation by Kate Pukhovaia. Wednesday 7 June 9:00⁠–⁠12:00, Leiden University Library, Vossius room.
  • Roundtable on “The Future of Yemeni Studies”, with international experts, Wednesday 7 June 2023, 15:00⁠–⁠17:00, P.J. Veth, room 1.01, followed by refreshments.
  • A workshop for students and scholars on Zaydi Yemeni manuscripts, Thursday 8 June 9:00⁠–⁠12:00, Leiden University Library, Vossius room.
  • A What's New?! lecture by Scott Lucas, University of Arizona,“Publish or Perish: Religious Zaydi publishers in Yemen during the 1990s,” sponsored by the Juynboll Stichting. Thursday 8 June 17:15⁠–⁠18:15 in Lipsius 1.48 followed by refreshments.

Please contact Kate Pukhovaia (e.pukhovaia@hum.leidenuniv.nl) if you are interested in attending the workshop.

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