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Psychology Connected: Inequality

Tuesday 26 September 2023
Psychology Connected
Pieter de la Court, central hall

Psychology Connected is an event to which the entire Psychology Institute is invited to engage in conversation over drinks about a better university and society. What do those look like and how do we get there?


In a world where disparities persist and societal challenges continue to unfold, the topic of inequality is more relevant than ever. We invite you to join on a thought-provoking conversation into this issue during this fifth Psychology Connected

This edition, psychologists Wilco van Dijk and Carolien Rieffe each bring their unique perspectives to shed light on the causes and implications of inequality in society.

Carolien Rieffe

Carolien Rieffe is Professor and Principal Investigator of the research group Focus on Emotions at the Developmental and Educational Psychology unit. She researches the functions of emotions and how they affect children's social development and mental health, focusing in part on individual differences and unequal chances for children with hearing loss and autistic children and adolescents. Interested in many aspects of inequality, Carolien is also involved in projects like Inclusive Interactive Heritage as part of Musea Bekennen Kleur

Wilco van Dijk

Wilco van Dijk is Professor Economic Psychology and its applications at the Social, Economic, and Organisational Psychology unit. In addition, he is director of the Knowledge Centre Psychology and Economic Behaviour. In his current research, he focuses on the causes and consequences of financial stress, in which inequality plays a critical role. Wilco combines laboratory studies with (experimental) field studies. At the Knowledge Centre his emphasis is on applying behavioural insights to societal questions.

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