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Public Key Note of Mari Hvattum on the impact of style

  • Mari Hvattum (Oslo School of Architecture and Design)
Wednesday 20 September 2023
Museum Talks at the Leiden Department of Art History
Academy Building
Rapenburg 73
2311 GJ Leiden
Telders Auditorium, livestream available on this page

Style in the Making

Gottfried Semper’s Generative Theory of Style

Mari Hvattum, The Oslo School of Architecture and Design

Although he is the nineteenth century’s most famous theorist of style, exactly what Gottfried Semper meant by the term is not at all obvious. He certainly meant something else than most of his contemporaries. Profoundly uninterested in period style or the art historical taxonomy emerging from Winckelmann’s Stilgeschichte, Semper insisted that “style theory is not art history”. Instead, he used style as a vehicle to probe into the artistic process, seeing it as a principle of creative continuity. The notion of making as the locus of style is the subject of this lecture, which examines Semper’s generative theory of style.


A livestream will be available below at the time of the event.

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