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CANCELLED: Digital Twin Engineering

Friday 13 October 2023
Niels Bohrweg 1
2333 CA Leiden

Digital Twin Engineering

In recent years, so-called digital twins (DTs) have arisen, including in the area of cyber-physical systems, where they form a connected counterpart to the system of interest (SOI). Such DTs (1) receive real-time data from the SOI, (2) use such data and models to implement services to e.g. predict performance, monitor behavior, and explore what-if scenarios, and (3) use the outcomes of these services to optimize the SOI.

In the broader context of digital engineering, digital threats, and Industry 4.0, the nature of such DTs and their underlying SOIs makes this a complex setting in which multidisciplinary knowledge including heterogeneous models play a major role.

In this talk, we will give an overview of the field of DTs, with a focus on the (software) engineering aspects of such DTs. We will cover the major challenges involved, and research being done in our group at TU/e to address these, including case studies in distribution center logistics, soccer robots, and beer brewing. In particular, we will zoom in on (1) an interview study our group performed with digital twin engineering researchers and practitioners and (2) orchestration of the often heterogeneous models in a DT to enable a DT to be a faithful counterpart to the SOI in light of the services offered.

Bios of the speakers

Loek Cleophas is an assistant professor of engineering of software-intensive systems at TU/e, research fellow at Stellenbosch University, and managing director of the Dutch research school IPA. His recent research has been at the border of model-driven engineering and software product line engineering, focusing on how to effectively and efficiently engineer and maintain variant-rich software-intensive systems.

David Manrique Negrin has a multidisciplinary, heterogenous background. He has a BSc in Chemistry, an MSc in Operations Research as well as one in Automotive Technology. He also has professional experience in logistics and sustainability. He ended up as a PhD candidate at TU/e in Computer Science and Engineering, working as part of DIGITAL TWINS, a TTW-Perspective Program cofunded by NWO. His research focus is on orchestration of models and modelling frameworks in the context of Digital Twins.


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