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Online Workshop

Online workshop on the Multiple Criteria Decision Analysis Methods Selection Software

Friday 6 October 2023
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You are cordially invited to participate to an online workshop about the MCDA-MSS: Multiple Criteria Decision Analysis Methods Selection Software. This freely accessible via https://mcdamss.com and web-based software has been developed to help analysts finding the most relevant Multiple Criteria Decision Analysis (MCDA) methods for many decision-making problems.

Over the last few decades, the number of MCDA methods has grown steadily, and an analyst can find it difficult to select the relevant MCDA method. The main issue that decision analysts have to deal with is summarized by this question:

“Which is the most suitable MCDA method (or subset of methods) that should be used for a given decision-making problem?” 

Structure of the workshop

  1. Overview of the simple and intelligible questioning strategy implemented in the software.

  2. Presentation of our proposed conceptualization of complex decision-making processes, using 4 sections:

  • Problem typology: defines the type and structure of the decision-making problem;
  • Preference model: defines the type of model that the user would like to apply;
  • Elicitation of preferences: defines the type, modality and frequency of model preferences;
  • Exploitation of the preference relation induced by the preference model: defines the strategy used to derive and enrich the decision recommendation

3. Use of the MCDA-MSS by the attendees with possibility of feedback by the instructor.

Marco Cinelli

Dr. Marco Cinelli, Assistant Professor at Leiden University College (LUC) in the Hague. His research focuses on the development of tools to support decision-making for complex problems with multiple stakeholders and conflicting interests. The key drivers of his work are the frameworks and methodologies that can be used to guarantee a sustainable and resilient future for the generations to come. He leads the interdisciplinary laboratory Decision Engineering for Sustainability and Resilience (DESIRE).

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