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PrAIa Hackathon Easing Teaching

Monday 25 March 2024
Pieter de la Court
Wassenaarseweg 52
2333 AK Leiden
Living Lab 1B01

Not our favorite pastime: creating fresh exams, rubrics, test-matrices, insight questions, case examples, correcting papers. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have assistance to perform a substantive part of these chores with- and for you? Liberating your time for real teaching and research?

AI, in particular novel LLM’s (Large Language Models, such as GPT-4, Claude, Gemini) excel in helping out with explanations, structuring knowledge and generating creative case study examples with to-the-point questions to learn from. AI is very able to generate teaching materials, starting from study-texts at any level. Both for formative (training) and summative (designing grading criteria) purposes. Hitherto these possibilities remain largely untapped.

Hacking yourself to more freedom

We invite you to take part in a 3-hour design session on March 25th, where you will, in an interdisciplinary group, venture into the possibilities of constructing exams, self-tests, rubrics and grading matrices on the basis of the content of your own subjects in teaching. Each team will work hands-on with their own study materials and will pick an area they want to master. People from all faculties of Leiden University will take part.

Goal this afternoon is, with hands-on help of an AI coach, to use AI to substantially lighten the burden of a task of your choice (e.g. constructing exam questions/evaluating papers/designing rubrics/ creating & evaluating case study questions/evaluating insight). Each team will then demo their bot and discuss their own efforts with a public of invited colleagues, and university governance representatives.

Location: Living Lab 1B01 in the Pieter de la Court building (FSW)
Time: from 12:30 - 17:30 - on Monday, March 25th
Parcipants bring: digital content of courses you are teaching (paper/book/other materials) + own laptop.


12:30 Walk-in to the Living Lab 1B01 in the Pieter de la Court building (FSW)
13:00 Welcome & demo
13:25 Intro on procedure areas you can choose from to tackle with AI today
13:30 Choosing team topic and teaching subject to work with (incl. Who is who)
13:40 Teams are Go team leader explains working of Poe and general approach Start hackathon
15:15 Demo preparatioon demo + presentation preparation for stakeholders.
15:45 Break (walk-in for public demo)
16:00 Demos for the public (max 7 + 7 minutes per team)
16:40 Applause meter & Discussion with the public
17:00 Have a drink
17:30 Closing

If you want to participate, please contact Esmée Wiemans: e.wiemans@fsw.leidenuniv.nl. Deadline March 18, first come first serve. If you want to join just for the demos, please indicate this in your email. We will also keep you up to date of future PrAIa events.

PrAIa (short for ‘Practical AI in Academia’) is an informal, collaborative network, initiated by Leiden University researchers, teachers and tech-support from ISSC, LIACS and FSW, that are actively using and experimenting hands-on with state-of-the art AI applications and their technical and ethical underpinnings. Currently, our coalition is composed of passionate researchers, skilled technicians, and forward-thinking academic educators with an inclusive atitude, sharing practical experiences.

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