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Debate | China Seminar

Roundtable Digital Society in Contemporary China

Wednesday 3 April 2024
LIAS China Seminar
Johan Huizinga
Doelensteeg 16
2311 VL Leiden
Huizinga 0.04


In this roundtable discussion we invite four scholars to discuss the topic of digital society in contemporary China from their own disciplinary and research positions. The roundtable starts with interventions of up to 10 minutes from each discussant, before a round of internal questions. Following questions and responses we open up to audience questions. This should be a relatively open-ended and free form discussion, so please join us to push the boundaries of knowledge.


Mingyi Hou is an assistant professor of digital culture at Tilburg University, the Netherlands. Her research interests include discourse analysis, online culture, celebrity and fandom, gender studies and public intellectual studies. Mingyi’s research explores the intersection of digital media, globalization and the transformation of modern Chinese culture.

Jing Zeng is Assistant Professor of Digital Methods and Critical Data Studies at Utrecht University. Her research concerns the sociocultural implications of digital technologies, with a particular focus on developing digital methods for empirical research. Jing has written extensively on digital media platforms, around topics of misinformation, youth culture and online activism.

Yichen Rao is an assistant professor of anthropology at Utrecht University. He recently completed a postdoc fellowship at MIT, affiliated with MIT Game Lab. His research focuses on how digital capital, such as the fintech and video game industries, has affected Chinese people’s lives and reshaped Chinese society in recent decades.He has published on journals such as Economy and Society, Economic Anthropology, Chinese Journal of Communication, and History of Psychology.

Zheyu Shang is a PhD candidate at the Institute for Area Studies, Leiden University. Her doctoral project focuses on the tensions and interactions between the Gen Z and the party-state on online entertainment platforms in China. This project explores the changing strategies of state media for engaging entertainment-oriented young internet users, the characteristics of Generation Z internet users, and the role of platforms in influencing the production and dissemination of official content. Besides this project, her research interests include platform governance and youth culture in China.

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