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Joan van der Waals colloquium by Daniela Wilson

  • Daniela Wilson, Radboud University
Friday 24 May 2024
Huygens/Oort building
Niels Bohrweg 2
2333 CA Leiden

The Joan van der Waals colloquium is an ongoing bi-weekly lecture series of the Leiden Institute of Physics. Invited speakers from all over the world and all areas of physics give a talk about their field of expertise. Each colloquium is preceded by an opening act. A PhD or postdoctoral researcher of the institute gives a 10-minute presentation, usually from a different field than the invited speaker. The colloquium is at 16:15 in the Sitterzaal and is followed by a borrel.

About this week's speaker

Daniela’s lab develops novel functional systems based on functional polymers, peptides and protein-based hybrid materials with biological activity inspired by natural materials and processes. Host: Daniela Kraft.

Joan van der Waals colloquium website

The full programme and abstract of each colloquium can be found on the Joan van der Waals website.

Details of this week's colloquium
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