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Adoption leave and fostering leave

If you adopt a child, you are entitled to a maximum of six weeks of paid adoption leave. If you adopt several children at the same time, you are entitled to one period of adoption leave only. If you are a foster carer, you are entitled to six weeks of fostering leave. This is on the provision that the child is living with you and you have a fostering contract.

During adoption and fostering leave, you are entitled to an allowance. We will apply for that allowance at UWV. We will supplement your income so that you have fully paid leave. You are entitled to a maximum of six weeks of paid adoption leave. During fostering leave, we do not supplement your income. You are, of course, entitled to the UWV fostering allowance. 

You may request adoption leave or fostering leave from up to four weeks before the child is to join your family. You must take this leave in one continuous period. If you are not taking adoption leave before the child joins your family, you must take this leave within 26 weeks of the child joining your family. Your entitlement to adoption leave expires after these 26 weeks.

Requesting adoption leave and fostering leave

To take adoption leave or fostering leave, submit a request to your manager, if possible, at the latest three weeks before the date on which you wish the leave to begin. On this request, mention the length of you leave. If your manager approves the request, submit the application form together with official documentation that demonstrates that you are or will be adopting or fostering the child. This could mean a statement from the adoption agency, a fostering contract, an extract from the Municipal Personal Records Database or a statement from the Immigration and Naturalisation Service.

Illness during adoption leave and fostering leave

If you fall ill during adoption leave or fostering leave, the leave continues as usual. You may not stop the leave and take it at a later date.

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