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ICT and education

In the coming years, the University will be investing in blended learning (‘The Blended University’) as part of its educational vision (Learning@LeidenUniversity). This will involve the use of a range of digital tools.

You will find more information below about the blended learning concept as well as the range of tools available and how you can use them to enrich your teaching. You will also find information on opportunities to follow IT-related training courses.

Support for online teaching

Do you need help creating or using online teaching methods, or are you running into difficulties?
We are here to help.

Blended learning

Blended learning is at the heart of teaching at Leiden University. This didactic concept is based on a combination of contact teaching and online teaching, whereby the two complement each other. Students can acquire a good deal of knowledge and insights through independent learning, whether alone or in groups, while not being subject to the constraints of time and place. Contact teaching supports in-depth discussions, the application of knowledge and insights and the discussion of complex subjects. Read more...

Digital tools

The university works with various education tools to support your lectures. For example:

More information about digital tools that you can use from home is available on the Working from home page.

IT facilities

The University offers a range of IT facilities for teaching purposes. USis and Brightspace are the dedicated digital platforms for teaching administration and digital learning. You can also use the University’s audio and video facilities for teaching your courses, as well as the computer rooms. Find out how to use these facilities and rooms, what you need to take into account and how to access IT-related support: 

•    AV facilities in lecture halls
•    IT in the computer room
•    Digital learning environment
•    Information systems
•    Assistance with IT
•    Borrowing audio-visual equipment

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