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Mental fitness

Fitness is more than physical health alone. An equally important aspect is mental fitness. Mental fitness refers to fitness of the mind. Situations may arise at work that may lead to you feeling less strong. What you can do about them?

What can we do to ensure we work in a healthy and responsible way? The university has put together some tips and tools to help you. See Healthy University @Home.

To find out what you can do to stop harrassment,

When you are subjected to stressful situations for a long period of time, you run the risk of developing a burn-out. A burn-out means that you are unable to function for a long time –not only at work, but also at home. Stress can be caused by high task demands, too little autonomy at work, harassment by co-workers or supervisors, or undesirable behaviour within or outside the organisation.

Do you experience stress at work? Or do you worry that you may be headed towards a burn-out? 

Seek help now! You can for instance contact the University doctor. Anything you discuss with the doctor will remain confidential. He or she can help you find a solution that suits your situation.

The University doctors of the Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) department can be contacted via telephone number 071 527 8015

If you wish to learn to handle problems better or develop more resilience, one solution is to train in mental fitness. There are various online courses that you can follow at any time of day. These help you improve your mental fitness and assess your resilience level.

There are also courses involving group sessions. Many of these are fully or partially reimbursed under the supplemental insurance policies of Zorg en Zekerheid. On the Zorg en Zekerheid website you can find more information on mental fitness, tests, courses and information on refunds.

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