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National holidays and compulsory closures

The University has national holidays and compulsory closures. National holidays are not deducted from your vacation hours, whereas compulsory closures are.

Import holidays and compulsory closures in Outlook

You can add the national holidays and compulsory closures for 2023 to your calendar by downloading this .ics file and opening it in Outlook.

National holidays

The following days are national holidays at the University. You do not have to work on national holidays, unless this is in the interest of the University. You have these days off, without having to use vacation hours:

  • New Year's Day
  • Good Friday
  • Easter Sunday and Monday
  • King's Day (the day upon which King's Day is celebrated nationally)
  • Liberation Day: 5 May
  • Ascension Day
  • Whit Sunday and Monday
  • 3 October (Relief of Leiden)
  • Christmas Day and Boxing Day

October 3 is a holiday in Leiden. If 3 October falls on a Sunday, the holiday is celebrated on Monday 4 October.

Compulsory closures

You have to take vacation on a compulsory closure day. The number of hours that you normally would have worked on this day are deducted from your vacation credit. These holiday hours are automatically deducted from your holiday entitlement at the start of the year. If the situation changes in the course of the year and the compulsory closure no longer applies to you or conversely does apply to you (e.g. due to a change in schedule or to the end date of your contract), the correction to your holiday entitlement will be automatically processed once again. The Executive Board may - after a consent of the trade unions in the Local Consultation - specify a maximum of seven days per year as compulsory closures.

It may happen that you do have to work on a compulsory closure day. In that case the day is considered a normal working day and is therefore not deducted from your vacation credit.

If you are sick during a compulsory closure, these days are still deducted as vacation hours. The days are only recredited if you are not able to take up days of leave for such reasons as being admitted to a hospital.

Year Days

Friday 19 May
Monday 2 October
Wednesday 27 December
Thursday 28 December
Friday 29 December

2024 Friday 10 May
Friday 4 October
Friday 27 December
Monday 30 December
Tuesday 31 December
2025 Friday 30 May
Wednesday 24 December
Monday 29 December
Tuesday 30 December
Wednesday 31 December
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