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Personnel monitor

The University believes it is important to provide you with a satisfying work environment. How do you feel about your career opportunities, the interaction with your colleagues and supervisors, and the work facilities at your disposal? We ask for your opinion via the personnel monitor. This survey guarantees your anonymity. We use the survey results to take action and improve your job satisfaction.

The results are in for the Staff Survey and PhD Candidates Survey 2018. They show that, in general, employees are satisfied, enthusiastic and vital, and that they value the opportunities for autonomy within the University.

In general, Leiden scores the same as or better than other Dutch universities in a number of sections. Certain areas, including social safety and pressure of work, still need more attention university-wide, and the surveys have raised areas of concern for specific sections of the organisation.


Because the form of reporting for 2018 was different from that of previous years, a guide to the report has been included. Effectory uses different colours to display the scores. The colours indicate a positive or negative deviation from the average across the university as a whole. Although the colours are what first attracts attention, it is the score that is really important.

See the results

You can review the results by clicking the link you have received by e-mail, or by visiting https://myfeedback.effectory.com/ and logging in with your password.

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