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HR policy and code of conduct

At Leiden University, we expect our researchers and lecturers to share our ambition to become one of the best. This is the crux of our HR policy. Read more about our policy below. Also, you will find more information about temporary staff, staff participation, leadership and how we ensure our integrity.


Leiden University strives to build an open and everlearning organisation. A strong community, that is characterised by mutual trust and coorporation, based on freedom and responsibility. To do this, Leiden University strives to develop leadership of all its empoyees. Read more in the Leadership dossier.

Code of conduct

Anyone who comes into contact with Leiden University should be able to trust that we act with integrity - whether in relation to research, interactions with students, purchasing or ancillary activities, and stand for a pleasant, healthy and inclusive learning and working environment. To ensure that this is the case, we established various codes of conduct:

HR policy

Our ambition as a university is to be one of the best. The commitment and quality of our supporting staff is crucial to achieving this. We therefore encourage our staff members to continue to develop their skills. That is the crux of our HR policy.

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Hiring and recruiting

If you need to recruit a new secretary, professor or any other new employee, your HR adviser can help you. Here you will find more information about:

Working in a diverse environment

The more diverse a work environment is the more creative and innovative it will be. This in turn promotes quality of education and research. This is why Leiden University is committed to equal opportunities for each individual, whether these are opportunities for appointment, for promotion, or to optimally combine work and care.

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Staff participation

Participation organs serve as bodies for consultation, information, communication and advice. They promote the welfare and interests of students and staff.

Rules and guidelines

View the rules and guidelines.

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