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Can non-vaccinated persons soon be barred?

Private businesses will probably soon refuse access to non-vaccinated persons in the near future. But this is more difficult when it comes to public amenities. Aart Hendriks, Professor of Health Law at Leiden Law School, contributed to an article in Dutch newspaper NRC saying that he anticipates that many organisations in the Netherlands will soon require a vaccination certificate. Court action on the admissibility of such a requirement can be expected.

It will undoubtedly be claimed in such proceedings that these restrictions constitute a breach of freedom of choice and that no account is taken of people who for all sorts of reasons cannot have the vaccine. If the courts are unable to rely on support in the Dutch House of Representatives, Hendriks believes that the legislature will intervene.

Read the full article in NRC (in Dutch) Wel met de trein, maar geen toegang tot het festival (You can take the train, but you’re barred from the festival)



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