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Arko Ghosh in the Guardian about tappigraphy patterns on our smartphones

The company QuantActions promises that through capturing and analysing the data of smartphones it will be able to “detect important indicators related to mental/neurological health”. Neuroscientist Arko Ghosh is the company’s cofounder and talks in The Guardian about tappigraphy patterns.

The Guardian

'Tappigraphy patterns' – the time series of my touches – can, he says, confidently be used not only to infer slumber habits (tapping in the wee hours means you are not sleeping) but also mental performance level (the small intervals in a series of key-presses represent a proxy for reaction time).
The dawn of tappigraphy: does your smartphone know how you feel before you do?

How does the brain enable such a wide range of behaviors – from juggling to smartphone tapping? Arko Ghosh is interested in the possibility that the brain can self-adjust according to the daily behavioural demands. To explore this idea, he combines the study of smartphone behaviour with systems level neurosciences and has begun to unravel the principles of brain functions in the digital world. 

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