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Podcast on resilience gives a boost to worrying youths

What if you get excluded? Are apps against fear and stress effective? How do you keep your brain in shape? The first season of the new podcastseries ‘BreinGeheim’ is about the social contexts of adolescent development and how teens become resilient individuals. Leiden-based behavioural scientist sit down with young-adults to talk about mental health, well-being and personal experiences.

The first season of the series exists of six episodes (in Dutch), created especially for young people and specifically tailored at students. In each episode a student and scientist talk about a topic such as social anxiety, peer pressure, brain training and stress. The series is an initiative of the ‘Social Resilience and Security’ programme. This season, ‘Samen (veer)Krachtig’ is made in collaboration with the psychologists Anna van Duijvenvoorde and Anne Miers and their host Julia Weening, who worked together with the ‘BrainTrain’ outreach team members.

Listen to episode 1

Support from the social environment is essential

The adolescent brain is a theme which many scientists try to unravel. With this podcast, Van Duijvenvoorde and Miers hope to build a bridge between science and adolescents. In addition to connecting adolescents and scientists, the goal of Van Duijvenvoorde en Miers is to reach teachers and parents. The social environment of youth is extremely important to sustain and improve their resilience and safety. Parents and teachers play an essential role in this support, which is why this season is all about being resilient together.

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