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Leiden archaeologists mentioned in Top 13 Discoveries in Human Evolution during 2023

In a recent article published on PLOS, Drs. Briana Pobiner and Ryan McRae of the Smithsonian Institution National Museum of Natural History discuss the top 13 discoveries in human evolution in 2023.

“All of these stories expand the breadth of knowledge about our shared ancient past and bring to light more information about what it means to be human.” 

One of which is the research into the exploitation of straight-tusked elephants by Neanderthals during the last interglacial. The articles co-written by Wil Roebroeks, one of these was published this month, have shed new light on the hunting capabilities of Neanderthals. 

The other discovery mentioned in this top 13 is the work done by Marie Soressi and her colleagues on the successful recovery of ancient human DNA from a Palaeolithic pendant. 

You can read the full article on the PLOS website

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