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Interview Micha Drukker

Micha Drukker


Micha Drukker




Professor of Stem Cell Biology and Modeling at the Division of Drug Discovery and Safety

Works at LACDR since:

September 2020

Works at LACDR because:  

Induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells, somatic stem cells, T cells, are part of a dazzling array of cells that create a new class of living therapeutics. A new discipline comprising of efficacy, safety, toxicity, biodistribution and manufacturing of living cell drugs is taking shape, in conjunction with cutting edge basic research of cellular differentiation. I can’t think of a better way than joining the LACDR and Leiden University for building a program that combines basic and applied stem cells biology by collaborating with a wide breadth of scientists from numerous disciplines. I take joy in teaching and mentoring students, and I am looking forward to discovering differentiation mechanisms through the use of lab grown organoids generated from normal or disease-affected stem cells. The academic environment at Leiden University is just right for making great science and attaining ambitious goals at the LACDR.

Favorite childhood memory: 

Roaming in nature with friends and by myself

Best quality?

Advising PhD students

Worst quality? 

Advising of PhD students

When I am off, I:

Enjoy spending time with my lovely family, my wife and three kids.

Snorkeling around sea turtles

Next scheduled holiday: 

Austrian and German Alpes

Favorite sport:

Grant writing and occasionally submitting papers

Favorite music:

Everything but Jazz and Opera

Favorite website:

YouTube channel of physicist Prof. Jim Al-Khalili. A must!

Favorite movie: 

Movies of Christopher Nolan, James Cameron, Kathryn Bigelow, and Tom Cruise!

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