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Which Leiden alumni are in the Dutch House of Representatives?

Of the 150 elected representatives, 24 studied or conducted their PhD research in Leiden. Who are they and which degrees are most popular among these MPs?

The new MPs were sworn in on 31 March, and a considerable percentage of them, 16 percent, are alumni. Law, Political science, History and Public Administration are popular degrees with these politicians. More alumni may take a seat in parliament once the new cabinet has been installed after the formation period because the vacated seats of the new cabinet members will be taken by people from the candidate lists. For now, these are the Leiden alumni in the factions: 

VVD (34 seats)

  • Outgoing prime minister Mark Rutte (History)
  • Ockje Tellegen (History)
  • Queeny-Aimée Rajkowski (Public Administration)
  • Mariëlle Paul (Law)
  • Daan de Kort (Public Administration)
  • Daan de Neef (Philosophy- 1 year)

D66 (22 seats)

  • Paul van Meenen (Mathematics)
  • Jeanet van der Laan (Public administration)
  • Joost Sneller (Law)
  • Tjeerd de Groot (Public administration)
  • (Sidney Smeets, Law) update: resigned on April 16

PVV (17 seats)

  • Alexander Kops (German Language and Culture)
  • Raymond de Roon (Law)

CDA (15 seats)

  • Outgoing finance minister Wopke Hoekstra (Law)
  • Derk Boswijk (Pre-master in Public Administration)

PvdA (9 seats)

  • Henk Nijboer (Unpaid PhD research at Leiden Law School, PhD not yet completed)

SP (9 seats)

  • Peter Kwint (Political Science)

GroenLinks (8 seats)

  • Senna Maatoug (Political Science)

Forum voor Democratie (8 seats)

  • Thierry Baudet (Phd in Law)
  • Wybren van Haga (Propedaeuse in Law)

Partij voor de Dieren (6 seats)

  • Christine Teunissen (History)
  • Lammert van Raan (ICLON teacher training)

ChristenUnie (5 seats)

  • Gert-Jan Segers (Political Science)
  • Pieter Grinwis (Public Administration)

SGP (3 seats)

  • Kees van der Staaij (Law)

We wish our alumni good luck in their new position.

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