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Results of first online strategic plan dialogue

One of the aims in the development of the university’s new strategic plan is to foster a dialogue between as many students, staff and external stakeholders as possible about which topics and ambitions should be included in the plan. At the beginning of May we therefore invited all our students and staff to join in the first online consultation via a dialogue tool and to tell us which topics they think are important for the university’s future.

The turnout was particularly high among our staff: almost 900 staff members (ten percent of those invited) joined in the consultation. Students also participated, but the turnout was considerably lower for this group.

The participants were presented with a list of topics and asked which they thought was most important and should be included in the strategic plan. The clear number one was the topic of Workload, with 18.8% of the participants saying they found this topic most important. Diversity and Inclusion also had a high score (9.35%), as did Recognition and Rewards (8.91%).

The list presented wasn’t exhaustive, and the participants could also suggest additional topics, which the students and staff can respond to in the second round. Topics such as curiosity-driven research, the importance of free speech on the campus and creating a safe environment were given a high score. And a job guarantee and achieving more stability with fewer fixed-term contracts were topics that garnered plenty of support in the second round. Various other topics mentioned relate to impact, such as the relationship with the city.

With 3.5 out of a possible 5 points, the tool was given a good rating as a consultation method.

What will happen with the results?

The results from the first dialogue will help determine the framework of the strategic plan. Not just the prioritisation of the topics but also the many explanations of the responses will prove very useful. These will serve as input for the various work groups and project teams that are preparing advice for the Executive Board.

Second series of online dialogues. Sign up for online meetings

A second series of dialogues has now started. Students and staff can respond to three to five questions and statements per dialogue and then view and evaluate one another’s responses. This consultation will run until Monday 31 May, 20.00. You can also sign up through this page for online meetings on the teaching, research and organisation of the future.

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