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Law and Digital Technologies graduate wins prestigious Google Prize

Javier Aleuanlli, an Advanced Masters graduate from the Law and Digital Technologies programme at Leiden University, has been awarded Google's Diverse Copyright Thesis Award 2021 for his LL.M. thesis "Augmented Reality and Copyright: perspective under the EU framework". In this work, Javier mapped and tackled some of the complex copyright challenges arising from the (increasing) adoption of Augmented Reality (AR) - under EU law.

Javier notes: "We live in exciting times, where ideas like the metaverse and extended reality are maturing and becoming closer to our own reality. In my master's thesis, I mapped and tackled some of the complex copyright challenges arising from the (increasing) adoption of AR using EU law as the regulatory framework."

"It is wonderful to see initiatives like this, that recognizes the work done in a crossover-field like AR and copyright which, due to its disruptive nature, does not commonly get that much attention from academia"

"It is also important to thanks eLaw and my thesis supervisor, Dr Mark Leiser. The programme allows students to undertake research on novel technological issues, and Dr Leiser encouraged and pushed me to move out of my comfort zone in order to achieve outstanding results."

Dr Leiser commented: “An amazing result for Javier, but not an unsurprising one. His work on the legal framework and copyright implications for augmented reality was stellar and really thought-provoking. I was really excited to hear this news. Javier’s thesis analysed the complexity of the disruption to copyright law by a novel technology. It really sums up what our program is about – helping students think forward in order to understand the legal impact of digital technologies in the 21st century.”

Congratulation Javier!

See this website for more information about the Google's Diverse Copyright Thesis Award 2021.

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