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Kick off European Strategic Dialogue Series: tune in!

How can The Netherlands, France and Germany cooperate more closely on issues such as European security and defence. Join the kick off of The European Strategic Dialogue Series, an initiative by the Institute of Security and Global Affairs and its partners in France and Germany. Joachim Koops tells more about this online event on Tuesday 9 November.

Why should people join this lecture?

Koops: ‘The lecture will kick off a new initiative by the Institute of Security and Global Affairs in cooperation with its partners in France and Germany, namely the Institut français des Pays-Bas, the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom and the Center for Advanced Security, Strategic and Integration Studies (CASSIS) at the University of Bonn. The “European Strategic Dialogue” series brings together diplomats, policy-makers, academics and civil society representatives to analyse and discuss core topics at the heart of the future of European security and defence. A particular emphasis will be placed on how the Netherlands, France and Germany can cooperate more closely on these issues.’  

What can we expect?

Koops: ‘On Tuesday 9 November 2021, we will kick off the dialogue series with a round-table on the so-called “European Union’ Strategic Compass process”.  Announced by Commission President Ursula von der Leyen in her 2021 State of the European Union speech, the strategic compass process refers to an in-depth reflection, threat analysis and strategic dialogue among member states about the future of the EU’s crisis management, defence capabilities, resilience, and partnerships. The results of the process are supposed to be announced at a European Defence Summit in February 2022.

Ambassador Luis Vassy

As we all know, Europe and the world are facing unprecedented security challenges – it is therefore important that we discuss with experts and students the different dimensions, implications and future options and bring together core thinkers from the three countries to reflect with us on the many topics related to the future of European security and defence Luis Vassy, the French Ambassador to the Netherlands, will open the first lecture and we are excited to have a great panel of experts to delve into the different issues.'

It’s the kick off of a new serie lectures, how many more to come?

Koops: ‘The lecture on the 9th November will be the first in a series of a total of 5 events in the coming months. Each lecture will explore a particular aspect related to the future of European security and defence and will bring together core experts from The Netherlands, France and Germany as well as other European Union member states.’

What are your expectations?

Koops: ‘I am very excited to explore in more depth and detail these pressing European issues and it is good to see ISGA to team up with international partners to provide for students and other interested audiences a platform for assessing, analyzing and debating major European security issues. I am hoping for an active online audience with many questions!’

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