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Middle Eastern Culture Market 2021: Evening Edition

This year, LUCIS adapted the programme of its popular annual Middle Eastern Culture Market into an evening version, featuring a lecture, book discussion, and music.

With new COVID measures implemented just days before the event, the Middle Eastern Culture Market had to be adjusted several times to fit the circumstances. Despite these set-backs, the evening was a success. Visitors enjoyed a programme of live music performances and inspiring talks by experts in the field of Middle Eastern studies. 

After the mandatory QR-check, guests were welcomed into the dreamily lit Temple Hall of the National Museum of Antiquities (RMO), which offered plenty of space for social distancing, with chairs set at 1,5 metres. LUCIS Director Nathal Dessing opened the evening with a word of welcome, followed by a short talk by RMO curator Daniel Soliman. 

Nadia Bouras led a conversation with her co-authors Herman Obdeijn and Paolo De Mas about the recently published fourth edition of their History of Morocco. Talking about their motivations, they revealed some of the personal experiences that led them to become experts in this field. 

Trio Qasyoun performed twice during the evening. Their stunning rendition of classical Arabic music combined oud, qanoun, percussion, and singing. Their powerful yet soothing songs swept listeners away.

The last lecture of the evening was given by Forough Sajadi. She spoke about her ongoing project on Persian miniatures in Dutch collections, tracing unknown pieces and the ways they ended up in the Netherlands. Because there may be more gems hidden in private collections, she ended with an appeal to visitors to contact her if they have or know of other miniatures.

Loradeniz and Mosaic Man concluded the evening with a hybrid DJ-set that combined Middle Eastern soundscapes with forgotten Arabic and Turkish hits. Especially when joined with Loradeniz’s singing, this made for an enthralling musical experience; a worthy end to a memorable evening.

LUCIS looks forward to welcoming you again to a full programme of workshops, lectures, stands, and dance and music performances in 2022!

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