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Adv. LL.M. Air and Space law student Filip collects goods for Ukrainians

Students on the Adv. LL.M. Air and Space Law reacted quickly to the news of Ukrainians fleeing the war in Ukraine to neighbouring countries. Filip Draba, who is from Poland, collected donations from the class and, together with additional contributions from family and friends in Poland, he amassed €1000.

At the end of February 2022, when Filip travelled back to Poland for a long weekend, he used the generous donations to purchase a large load of goods to deliver to the local Community Centre. These goods were put to use for Ukrainians arriving to his town in Poland. 
Filip said, 'The response from class was truly amazing!!! They were super generous. I was able to buy a lot of things, including food, medicines, medical gloves etc.' He sent back to the class some pictures of his purchases.

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