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New interdisciplinary research centre 'ReCNTR' to reflect on multimodal practice

Francesco Ragazzi (Institute of Political Science), Julian Ross (Center for the Arts in Society) and Mark Westmoreland (Institute of Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology) set up the interdisciplinary research centre ReCNTR. The main premise of the ReCNTR is to reflect on the place of multimodal practice and research practice in social sciences and humanities

ReCNTR wants to bring together researchers who believe that making—such as filmmaking, photography, drawing, and other types of making—are modes of thinking and hence crucial approaches for social science and the humanities, alongside more traditional qualitative and quantitive methods. The centre’s concrete mission is thus to provide a space – both physical and intellectual – for established and emerging scholars in the social sciences and humanities dispersed within and outside Leiden University, as well as artists and makers interested in engaging with social science and humanities, to facilitate the development of this new research agenda.

Launch event

The official launch of ReCNTR takes place on Thursday 24 March 2022 at 3 pm in the Wijnhaven Building (The Hague), room 346. Elizabeth Chin (Art Center College of Design, Pasadena) and Maria Molina Peiro (filmmaker and artist) will give a presentation and the event will be introduced by ReCNTR’s three founding co-directors Francesco Ragazzi, Julian Ross and Mark Westmoreland.


The first workshop of ReCNTR is ‘Making Workshop: Displacing the Ethnographic Eye’. During this workshop by Elizabeth Chin, the focus will be on how visual documentation can become material that illuminates fieldwork in unexpected ways. More information about this workshop and registration.

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