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Jacqueline Meulman receives honorary membership at statistics society VVSOR

Emeritus Professor of Applied Statistics Jacqueline Meulman received an honorary membership during the annual meeting of the Netherlands Society for Statistics and Operations Research (VVSOR). This makes her the eleventh honorary member of the society.

Meulman receives the honorary membership for her many years of work on non-linear multivariate analysis and surrounding fields. She also played an important role as former president of the VVSOR (2011-2017).

Her most prominent contribution was to rejuvenate the society. She established this by opening the separate section 'Young Statisticians', through which (PhD) students and young professionals also found their way to the Society. This resulted in more, and a greater diversity of, members.

The Netherlands Society for Statistics and Operations Research (VVSOR in Dutch) is an association with the aim of promoting the application and study of statistics and operations research in the service of science and society. They organise events, publish a journal and award prizes for statisticians all over the country.  

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