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Helen Pluut in podcast De Gelukkige Thuiswerker

What are the advantages of a day’s work at home? Were we happy working from home during the pandemic lockdowns? And who is actually responsible for a healthy and happy homeworker? The employee, or the employer?

Helen Pluut

In the podcast De Gelukkige Thuiswerker (The Happy Homeworker) Jasmijn Mioch talks to Helen Pluut about her research on working from home and its impact on the welfare of employees.

Previously, Helen won a prize for her publication ‘Working from home today for a better tomorrow!’, which she wrote together with Maral Darouei. The article discusses the advantages of a day working from home compared to a day working in the office. In this episode, she talks about her research and her other projects.

Listen to the episode (in Dutch) here.

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