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Annual Report 2021 published

Leiden University’s Annual Report 2021 has been published. In this report, which consists of a general section and a financial section (the financial statements), the University provides a record of its research, teaching, knowledge transfer, operational management and policies in that year.

The year 2021 was a mixed bag of a year: it will go down in history as the second year of coronavirus. The pandemic had a great impact on our students and staff and demanded a huge effort from them to ensure that, despite the difficult circumstances, our teaching and research could continue online. This was possible thanks to the resolve of our entire community and the University continued to provide high-quality teaching and research. Fortunately there were other bright spots in 2021: various restrictions were eased and we were able to meet up in person more often.

Strategic Plan

Also noteworthy in the past year was the publication of our new Strategic Plan, Innovating and Connecting, which was developed with the input of the students, staff and partners of the University. We hope to realise our new ambitions for the coming years, together with our students, staff and partners. It is also good to see that the University is a financially healthy organisation and that in the past reporting year it was once again able to report a positive outcome in the financial statements.


A point of concern is the high workload experienced by staff across the board. Understaffing and job insecurity play a role in this, and the University therefore wants to reduce the percentage of temporary lecturers and increase the number of permanent contracts. But this is not all. The workload is a theme that will be high on the administrative agenda in the near future too.

If you would like to know more about the University’s performance in 2021 or are curious about our key figures (including staff employed, student intake, degrees, student success, PhDs and publications and financial statements, read all about it in our annual report (in Dutch).

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