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Joachim Koops briefs UN Department of Peace Operations on Ukraine and Protection of Civilians

On 12 May, Joachim Koops, Professor of Security Studies and Scientific Director of the Institute of Security and Global Affairs (ISGA), was invited to brief the United Nations Department of Peace Operations in New York on the situation in Ukraine, options for the protection of civilians and lessons learned from the Special Monitoring Mission by the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE).

UN building

The meeting was co-convened by the Effectiveness of Peace Operations Network (EPON) for which Professor Koops is currently leading an evaluation of the OSCE mission in Ukraine from 2014 – 2022.
Evaluation team members include Professor John Karlsrud (NUPI), Jyrki Ruohomäki (Crisis Management Centre Finland) as well as Sophie Veriter (PhD Candidate at ISGA) and Matthias van Lohuizen (former member of the OSCE SMM and currently PhD Candidate at ISGA). 


Professor Koops also draw in this briefing on his most recent report for the International Peace Institute on ‘UN, EU, and NATO Approaches to the Protection of Civilians: Policies, Implementation, and Comparative Advantages’, co-authored with Christian Patz, PhD Candidate at ISGA. 

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