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Lauren Lauret receives D.J. Veegens Prize 2022

University lecturer Lauren Lauret has been awarded the D.J. Veegens Prize 2022 for her dissertation on the meeting practices of the States General during the time of the Republic of the Seven United Provinces compared to those of the Lower House during the first half of the 19th century.

The D.J. Veegens Prize came as quite a surprise. 'My supervisor advised me to forget I was even a participant immediately after the presentation, then it would be a real surprise. And it was,' says Lauret in an interview with the Royal Dutch Academy of Sciences. 'My research shows that you see even more life in parliament if you look at it from the perspective of early modern meeting practice. They were very thorough in their work, even though there were no lively debates.'

Photo: Stephanie Driessen / KHMW 

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