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HRM and Finances join forces

We introduce the two new leads at the Faculty: Gertia Knorr (HR) and Mariska Costeris (Finances – FEZ):

‘FEZ and HR are joining forces to expand the level of service they provide within the Faculty. For instance, we are able to create a joint strategic management information overview on developments in finances and personnel.  Actively promoting and sharing this information allows for better underpinned decisions when it comes to the managing departments. We also provide more synergy in the collaboration with the institutes. In part by providing the information that suits their specific needs. By providing insights and advice, we are able to contribute to the correct configuration of the organisation’s personnel and finances and the advancement of its employees.’

On the below Gertia and Mariska introduce themselves.

V.l.n.r Gertia Knorr, hoofd HR en Mariska Costeris, hoofd FEZ

Mariska Costeris

I have been working as Faculty Controller/Head of Finances since 1 September. Over the past few years, I have worked as an interim controller for hospitals and educational institutions. Prior to that, I have worked as a controller in the mental health services.

I joined the finance department (FEZ) on a temporary assignment in May. I had not really planned to change back to a fixed place of employment. But the Faculty is such an inspiring environment to work in and the team I joined was so welcoming that I soon realised that this was the job that I had hoped to find somewhere along the way.

With the department at full strength, it is my intention to extend the level of service in finances based on accurate and transparent record keeping. To be able to even better meet the information needs of the Faculty and contribute fully to the execution of the Faculty’s strategic plan.

It is my goal to strengthen the communication channels with all parties that FEZ services to make sure we are both visible and approachable. While aiming to improve the service level and management information, collaboration with HRM is absolutely vital.

I live in the city centre of Rotterdam, which enables me to make the most of the many cultural events and restaurants the city has to offer. To stay somewhat healthy, I like to go running along the Maas and do power training.


Gertia Knorr

I started working as Head of HRM at the beginning of July. After being predominantly responsible for HRM at corporate organisations for 14 years, I wanted to contribute from a HRM perspective to an organisation with a social purpose.

This position in education was just the ticket. As a member of the joint participation council (JPC), I was involved in the school foundation that the primary school of our daughter was part of. I will soon start as JPC member of the Stedelijk Gymnasium (a secondary school) in Leiden.

The fact that HRM is such an important part of the faculty strategic plan, the fact that we want to be a healthy, evolving, committed organisation, and the fact that we make the advancement of all our employees a priority are what appeals to me most about this position.

I will start working on the realisation of the strategic plan and other projects such as improving the R&O track and career planning policy together with my recently extended team.

I live in Oegstgeest with Ruud and our daughter Sofie. We have been living there for almost five years now, after moving from a small village near Venlo.

As previously mentioned, I am active in the JPC and also active within the Leidsche and Oegstgeester Hockey club (LOHC).

I like to ride my bike and love to unwind a few times a week during my spinning classes.

I enjoy working in an environment that is on the move or should get a move on. I also enjoy working in an open and positive manner. I myself tend to see possibilities and I primarily think in what can be done.

I get a boost of energy being around people who think and act in the same way. I look forward to giving shape to the strategic plan at Leiden Law School. 

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