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Joanne van der Leun reappointed as Dean of Leiden Law School

Professor Joanne van der Leun has been reappointed as Dean of Leiden Law School by the Executive Board of Leiden University. She has been appointed until September 2025.

Joanne van der Leun

‘The broad appreciation and support of the Faculty for Joanne contribute to this reappointment. Joanne also provides valuable input in the team of Deans that work together with our Executive Board to run the University. She is also a strong figurehead for law and criminology on a national level. With her enthusiasm and ability to connect people, she will also play an important role in the European Una Europe Alliance during the next few years.’ Hester Bijl, Rector Magnificus.

Dean Joanne van der Leun: ‘I am delighted with the trust that has been put in me and look forward to the next term which will focus on the connection with other disciplines and innovating our Faculty. Together with our faculty community we will start working on our strategy and its implementation. Together, we will be able to contribute to important issues such as inclusion, sustainability, open science, innovative education based on the core vision and leadership.’

The Faculty Board

For now, the Faculty Board will continue as a team. In time, new administrators will be appointed for each portfolio in successive order. During the months of May and June Stefaan van den Bogaert will temporarily replace Joanne (due to a stay abroad by Joanne van der Leun).

About Joanne van der Leun

As Dean, Joanne van der Leun is the chairperson of the national Raad van Decanen Rechtsgeleerdheid (RDR – Council of Deans of Law Schools) and a member of the national SSH council. On behalf of Leiden University, she is also a member of the taskforce digital economy of the Economie Board Zuid-Holland (EBZ) and Una Europe. She is Professor in Criminology. 

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