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Sign up for Engaging Humanities - Exploring Impact: 'We'll work together to find the right place for your story'

Social impact is becoming increasingly important for researchers. On Thursday, Nov. 17, the Faculty of Humanities is organizing Engaging Humanities - Exploring Impact: a day all about impact.

'Research applications nowadays often ask what the social impact of a project is,' says Marlieke Ernst, policy officer for Impact and one of the organizers of the day. 'At the same time, many researchers would like to have impact outside their own departments, but say they lack the tools to share their research outside the university. Because what story do you tell exactly? Where can you best tell that story? And how do you get it to that right place? At the Impact Day, we'll work with those questions.'

From PhD candidate to professor

Participants can count on a well-filled program on Nov. 17, ranging from inspiration sessions to workshops. 'We start the day with examples from our own faculty, such as Angus Mol's Streaming the Past project or Ariadne Schmidt and Alicia Schrikker's Transvaal project,' Ernst says. 'They are certainly not the only examples of impact on faculty, but they very nicely show different ways to think about a project.'

After that, scholars can choose for themselves how to proceed. A lecture on to tweet or not to tweet or do they prefer a workshop on citizen science? 'We have composed the program in such a way that it is suitable for everyone who is interested in this: from a PhD student who is just starting out to a professor who wants to know what is needed to involve the city more in research,' Ernst looks ahead. 'That's also why you don't necessarily have to come all day. You can also sign up for the one workshop you need.'

Learning from each other

What Ernst recommends in any case is: starting the conversation with each other, during a workshop, lunch or drinks. 'We hope that people who have been around longer will want to share their experiences with younger researchers, so that we can learn from each other. The same goes for us as an organization, by the way. We'd like to hear what researchers are already doing, so we can better support them as faculty to bring that story out.'

Engaging Humanities - Exploring Impact will take place Nov. 17 at PLNT. Participation is free. Register here.

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