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Expand your digital knowledge at the LUCDH Digital Skills Winter Week

The Winter Week of Digital Skills will take place in the PJ Veth building from 29 January to 2 February. There will be different workshops where you can improve your digital skills, from dealing with AI and ChatGPT to setting up your own podcast. University lecturer Jelena Prokic explains more.

'Over the past year, AI and ChatGPT have become increasingly important in education,' says Prokic, one of the organisers of this event. 'With this week, we want to inform university employees, as well as master's students, about what is possible with ChatGPT in the lecture hall. In addition, we want to teach them how to use it in a safe way.'

Keeping up with developments

When ChatGPT first appeared, students were not allowed to use it within the university. Prokic: ‘That was a bit of a naive reaction. In my experience, that ban didn't really work either. It's much more important that students and faculty learn as much as possible about the programme so that it can be used in a safe and meaningful manner. That applies not only to ChatGPT, but also to future developments, whatever they may be.'

So, in addition to ChatGPT, the week will also focus on programmes like Quarto, which allows you to set up your own website, or to create and publish LaTeX documents and books. 'There was a lot of interest in these different programmes, and we want to cater to that,' Prokic explains. ‘In the past few years many employees have become interested in podcasts. One of the workshops will therefore introduce participants to the world of podcasting.'

Delve deeper

If you want to delve deeper into the digital world after the workshops, LUCDH offers a solution. 'Whereas Digital Skills Winter Week is meant as an introduction to various digital skills, the monthly workshops organised by the same team are at a more advanced level. If you’re keen to learn more about a specific topic, we’ll be happy to organise a workshop on that.'

If you want to sign up for Digital Skills Winter Week, click here.

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