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Santino Regilme wins Cecil B. Currey Book Award for ‘Aid Imperium’

Salvador Santino Regilme, Jr. Associate Professor of International Relations and Program Chair of MA in International Relations, has been honored with the Cecil B. Currey Book Award for 2023. The accolade, presented by the Association for Global South Studies (AGSS), recognizes Regilme’s exceptional scholarly contribution through his book, ‘Aid Imperium: United States Foreign Policy and Human Rights in Post-Cold War Southeast Asia’, published by The University of Michigan Press (Ann Arbor, Michigan).

The Cecil B. Currey Book Award, instituted in 1997 and named after its inaugural recipient, Cecil B. Currey, is a testament to outstanding scholarship in the realm of issues pertaining to the developing world. Regilme's work contributes to the understanding of the intricate dynamics between United States foreign policy and human rights in post-Cold War Southeast Asia. Formerly known as the Association of Third World Studies, AGSS represents the largest professional organization of its kind globally, boasting a diverse membership that includes academics, practitioners, government officials, and diplomats from the United States and 20 other countries. Regilme's receipt of the Cecil B. Currey Book Award not only underscores the international significance of his research but also reaffirms his standing in the scholarly fields of International Relations and global development studies.

The book Aid Imperium has received positive review in many leading humanities and social science journals, including International Affairs (Oxford University Press), Perspectives on Politics (Cambridge University Press), World Affairs (SAGE), European Journal of East Asian Studies (BRILL), Peace Research: The Canadian Journal of Peace Studies, LSE Review of Books (London School of Economics), Australian Outlook (Australian Institute of International Affairs), The SAIS Review of International Affairs, and Revue française de science politique (the premier French journal for political science), among others. The book was featured in podcast interviews in New Books Networks and Scholars Unbound, as well as in esteemed platforms such as the Georgetown Journal of International Affairs, AsiaGlobal Online, 9DASHLINE, and The Diplomat, reflecting its global significance. Adding to the accolades, "Aid Imperium" emerged as a finalist in the ‘Political and Social Sciences’ Category of the 2021 Foreword INDIES Book Award.  

Cecil B. Currey Book Award

A book award for the best book published by a member during the previous year was awarded by the Executive Council for the first time to Cecil B. Currey in 1997 for Victory at Any Cost: The Genius of Viet Nam’s Gen. Vo Nguyen Giap. Because of Currey’s generous pledge to fund the award for future recipients, the Executive Council named the award in his honor. The winner of the award will receive a plaque and a monetary prize at the annual conference. Read more

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