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Would you like to improve your interdisciplinary collaboration? This symposium will give you practical tips

On Thursday 1 February, the symposium ‘On interdisciplinary collaboration: How do we foster connections?’ will take place. The event will discuss lessons learned, but also look at the future. An essential event for every Leiden researcher who is involved in an interdisciplinary collaboration, or would like to start one.

Formulating practical tips and clear follow-up steps around setting up interdisciplinary cooperation; that is the aim of the symposium. Thanks in part to the setting up of nine incentive programmes and the launch of a Kiem grant for interdisciplinary initiatives, Leiden University has given a major boost to interdisciplinary cooperation between Leiden researchers. We can learn from the experience gained in these projects. We also look to the future and to external knowledge gained about interdisciplinary work. Why should you come? Here are three highlights from the programme:

The future: looking ahead with the Kiem-Groei-Bloei-programme

Sicco de Knecht, Head of research policy, will update us on the Kiem-Groei-Bloei-programme. With these central funding instruments, the university aims to embed interdisciplinary research and education into our academic culture.

Learn from past experiences

Nine Leiden interdisciplinary research programmes have been active since 2020. What have they learned when it comes to setting up interdisciplinary research? Benefit from the knowledge of Jan Aart Scholte (interdisciplinary research programme Global Transformations and Governance Challenges) and Marieke Liem (interdisciplinary research programme Social Resilience and Security).

Learn from others

How do other universities fare when it comes to interdisciplinary collaboration? What steps do they take, what challenges are they facing? Roosmarijn van Woerden (Utrecht University) shares findings of her PhD-research on interdisciplinary collaboration.

Full programme and registration

When: Thursday 1 February 2024, 14:45 - 17:00h

Where: Academy building, Rapenburg 73 2311 GJ Leiden, Telders Auditorium

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