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Carlotta Rigotti at the ‘Legal Technologies and the Bodies’ conference

On 7 and 8 March 2024, SciencesPo Law School hosted the ‘Legal Technologies and the Bodies’ conference, where Carlotta Rigotti, postdoctoral researcher focusing on law, gender, and technology at eLaw, presented her working paper about legal perspectives on sex robots and consent.

The conference aimed to explore the intricate relationship between legal frameworks and emerging technologies, and particularly their impact on human bodies in our fast-evolving technological landscape. Scholars from across the globe convened in Paris to discuss various topics, examining how new technologies intersect with the law and influence human bodies, shaping experiences, creating new opportunities and sometimes perpetuating historical forms of social oppression.

Drawing on her PhD thesis, Carlotta gave a presentation entitled 'Desire in code: legal perspectives on sex robots and consent'. Her objective was to examine the evolving definitions of sex and consent in interactions between humans and machines. Beyond analysing legal implications, she aimed to propose pragmatic solutions that strike a balance between law and technology, addressing potential harm without resorting to societal stigma or moral policing.

While her topic may sound like science fiction, Carlotta regards this research genre as a reflection of society's complex attitudes towards technological advancement. It serves as a creative space to advocate for policy interventions, especially in view of the upcoming adoption of the AI Act.

The presentation resulted in an engaging Q&A session, covering topics such as the relationship between law and society, legal personhood and the parallels between sex robotics and pornography.

If Carlotta’s presentation has sparked your interest, be sure to stay tuned for future publications on this topic.

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