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Research with animals

For conducting experiments involving animals, you need a project license and a valid research plan. On this page, you will read what this entails and how to submit these documents. You will also find other relevant information regarding conducting research involving animals here.

Project license

The project license is granted by the Centrale Commissie Dierproeven (CCD), the central authority for scientific procedures on animals. The CCD must seek advice from the Animal Experiments Committee (‘Dierenexperimentencommisie’ or DEC in Dutch) before granting the license. The Animal Welfare Body (AWB) coordinates the project application with the applicant before it goes to the CCD. The AWB will discuss the design and strategy of the project application to ensure it is suitable for achieving the scientific goals. Additionally, the AWB will verify whether the 3Rs (Replacement, Reduction, Refinement) have been properly applied in the context of responsible research with animals. In this coordination, the AWB involves a scientist committed to the AWB and the designated veterinarian. You can contact the AWB to discuss your project involving animal experiments. The AWB will then guide you through each step of the process.

Ensure you allocate sufficient time for the entire procedure; this time is needed for you as a researcher to write the project proposal, for coordination and discussion with the AWB, and for the actual assessment by the CCD with advice from the DEC. This entire procedure takes an average of 4 to 6 months.

  1. Download the forms from the CCD website. Read the instructions. The project application consists of a project proposal, attachments (1 or more), and a non-technical summary (NTS). Write a concise yet complete project proposal and pay attention to the NTS (maximum 500 words in Dutch). After filling out all the forms, send the entire package to the AWB.
  2. The AWB will contact you regarding the schedule and procedure.
  3. The project application will be assessed by the AWB, together with the designated veterinarian and a scientist committed to the AWB.
  4. Once the application is complete and has been coordinated with the IvD, the official project application will be prepared for submission to the CCD.
  5. The official project application to the CCD consists of the project proposal, attachments (1 or more), the non-technical summary, and the application form. This entire package is sent to the CCD on behalf of the license holder (the Board of Directors of the LUMC). The Board of the Faculty of Science is authorised as the license holder.
  6. The AWB sends this package to the CCD via a secure connection.
  7. The CCD will request ethical advice from the DEC.
  8. The CCD will make a decision on the project application within 40 working days.

Research plan

A research plan is a detailed description of the animal experiment. Each animal experiment requires a separate research plan. The AWB, together with the designated veterinarian, the animal facility, the statistician, and the quality and safety officers, will assess the research plan. The AWB will check whether the research plan fits within the project license. Along with the co-assessors, the AWB will also assess whether the research plan can be further improved with a focus on the 3Rs, aiming to promote responsible animal research.

Permission to conduct an experiment within a project license is obtained through the IvD. Allow sufficient time for the IvD to assess and discuss the research plan and for you to make any adjustments (minimum total of 4 weeks).

  1. Download and read the instructions.

  1. Download the form.

  1. If the research plan requires a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP), a schematic overview, or an illustration, you can add these in a separate document.
  1. For quantitative analysis of results, you can find an (re)introduction to experimental design and statistics here. This document will help you explain the experimental design, statistical analysis, and group size estimation in the research plan.
  1. Send all documents via email to the AWB for assessment. To help identify the research plans correctly, please ensure the email subject includes the following: new research plan AVD1x600201xxxx(x) ‘your full name’.

Modifications to project application or research plan

During the duration of a project license, it may be necessary to make one or more amendments to the project application or associated research plan. Here you can find more information on the AWB's policy regarding making changes and the steps you need to take:

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